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Yamaha CRW2100S, CRW2100IX, CRW2100E

Yamaha's merit was of having presented for the first time a unit capable of writing at 16x. Even if the unit was over passed recently by a few competitors with later releases, the performances offered, along with the guarantee offered by a heavy-weight name will surely influence the purchase decision of any experienced user.. Present in our test in all the three connecting versions, the Yamaha units have been practically represented by a single model.. Taking into account that our test was made on a system dedicated exclusively to this purpose, with no parallel applications running, there was no way any differenced would have occurred between the results of the three models.

All the three models include connection cables, which is a very important aspect, especially in the case of the SCSI and Firewire units, as there absence would have implied an extra expense. Moreover, the writing environments 16x CD-R and 10x CD-RW, the user's manuals or the writing application could not be absent form any of the packages. If in the case of the EIDE unit the mere existence of a free connector on one of the ribbons was sufficient for the installation, for the SCSI and Firewire units you will have to buy an adaptor, in case you don't already have one, thus the overall price being raised by a few tens of dollars..

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