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Teac CDW58E, CDW512E, CDW516EK

Even if the Teac CD-RW units do not have the same reputation as other equipments bearing this label, there is still a characteristic that can easily place them among the preferred units by the users: quality inscription at a low cost. Especially on a market such as the Romanian one, where price is most of the times the main argument for buying a certain piece of equipment, this characteristic could mean a lot.. In our test, Teac was represented by six units, which have covered three main categories..

The CDW58E model is destined to those who want to write a CD from time to time, speed not being a main argument for the acquisition.. The bulk version comes with connecting ribbon but has no inscripritioning software and no storage environments.. Even if the price is higher by nine dollars, the retail version includes, along with the connecting ribbon, two storage environments CD-R and CD-RW, documentation and the writing application. Important in the case of this unit is the best results achieved during the CD Winmark 99 test, which proves the good behavior of the unit if used also as a CD-ROM.

CDW512E was the best represented model, with three units. Two of them were in bulk version, both having connecting ribbon, and the unit from Flamingo also had a consistent user's manual.. The retail unit differs from the bulk one, similar to the previous model, having two writing environments and the application for them.. For those who already own such an application, the bulk version may be the best choice, the decisive criteria being the lower price, while in all other cases we would recommend buying the retail version of the unit..

With the lowest percentage of processor usage and with writing and re-writing times very close to the best values in the test, Teac CDW516EK offers almost the lowest purchase price, which is only slightly higher than the price of the TDK unit.. Presented in retail version, the unit has everything needed for out-of-the-box use: connecting ribbon, writing environments 12x CD-R and 10x CD-RW and documentation.. Noticeable that we have used the 12x CD-R disc to write at 16x, the maximum speed of the unit, and we have encountered no problems whatsoever in later reading of the disc..


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