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Iomega ZIP CD 650

The 100 MB and 250 MB Iomega Zip units were released in an effort of replacing the old floppy units, but the slow spreading of the format overlapped the appearance of the CD-RW units.. Therefore, Iomega had to adapt and released a CD-RW unit.. About the only unit in our test, the Iomega ZIP CD 650 is destined primarily to those who wish to transfer large quantities of data between stand-alone machines, which do not have a separate unit each. The plug-and-play capabilities of Zip CD 650 allow the connection during an uninterrupted functioning of the system and the unit is also compatible with Apple computers, which represent further arguments for the category of users described earlier.

The unit comes with an USB cable, a 4x CD-RW, a 12x CD-R and two CDs with software for PC and Mac.. Along with the writing application Easy CD Creator 4, the two CDs include many other useful software..

Iomega QuickSync is an application for the creation of security copies, but which does that without any intervention from the user, every time files are being deleted from the hard disk or transferred to another computer..


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