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HP 9510i

Is the kind of equipment impressive from the very start, while the further study of the box contents only adds up to the initial feeling. The EIDE ribbon or the CD-R and CD-RW discs are part of the common arsenal of a majority of the units. But HP cd-writer 9510i is the only unit that has a CD labeler unit, with two labels for the discs included and a label for the CD case.. The documentation raised a series of opposing reactions. There are two manuals, pretty thick.. The first one is a troubleshooting manual, while the second is the installation manual. The installation manual not only that it didn't have a Romanian version, but it didn't have an English one either. Fortunately, the initial discontent fades away after you insert in the unit the first installation CD. It contains a few minutes movie which explains you in details the installation process for the unit, starting with the removal of the computer case, up to the securing of the screws.. The second CD includes a multitude of applications which will help ease your work..

The behavior of the unit in our tests proved the fact that the HP unit represents a complete solution, offering both good performance and support, by means of the many applications included.


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