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Actima 1208A

Without having a direct relation with the performance of this unit we have to mention that the exterior aspect is identical with Acer CRW1832A unit.. Moreover, during the tests the Roxio WinOnCD inscription software recognizes the unit as an Acer1208A. On the Actima website we couldn't find data regarding the Actima1208A unit.. What is even weirder is that we have found data regarding an Acer1208A unit on Acer's website, which also uses Seamless Link - Buffer Under Run Proof technology!

The box presents similar contents with the Acer unit, that is an identical audio cable, the same diskette with drivers, the same documentation for installation, the same CD-RW certified 8x (it is true that the protection envelopes differ), the same version of the CD burning software Nero along with its manual, all of that introduced in an identical bag.. The only difference resides in two notes regarding possible problems of the

CD burning software and indication of software installation for Windows 95/98/Me or Windows 2000.

Unfortunately, like was the case with the Acer unit, there is no EIDE ribbon.

Whether it is produced under Acer or Actima license, the unit obtained good results in the data transfer tests and in writing at a 12x speed. The low price for this category recommends the unit as a good choice.


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